ft podcast episode: scott snyder’s voodoo heart

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Writer Scott Snyder (AMERICAN VAMPIRE, BATMAN, SWAMP THING) drops by for some shop talk! Learn the totally atypical story behind the publication of his debut short fiction collection VOODOO HEART. How did he make the transition from short stories to comics? Does he have more prose stashed in a drawer somewhere? All this and more!

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“You’re a Heartbreaker”
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ft podcast episode 19: the future of storytelling: part one: the blur

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Fuzzy Typewriter episode 19 marks the start of an ongoing discussion inspired by Frank Rose’s The Art of Immersion. What is the Future of Storytelling?

In this episode, Paul and Dave talk to screenwriter and educator Matt Kaufhold about the growing blur between movies, television, and video games.

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Music: “Who Knows” by Marion Black

teaser: fuzzy typewriter presents: the deceptionists

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We have so much fun making this podcast that we thought it might be fun to start up another one. Technically it was our friend Kelly’s idea, and we’ve got some helping hands from some very smart, very talented people. Starting with Kelly.

So, here’s the pitch:

Fuzzy Typewriter Presents The Deceptionists: Truth through Fiction! This here’s a special teaser of the all new podcast from Paul Montgomery, David Accampo, Kelly Stephenson, Jim Mroczkowski and Caroline Pruett. The Deceptionists: Truth through Fiction is a bi-monthly (that’s twice a month, not six times a year) podcast dedicated to the craft and process of making things up.

In this pilot episode, we  introduce ourselves, talk about why we write, and ask if we’d keep on putting ourselves through this if we were told flat-out we’d never, ever be published.

If you like it, consider subscribing to The Deceptionists’ official podcast feed where we’ll be tackling more big questions in the realm of fiction writing. If that’s not your bag, Fuzzy Typewriter Original Recipe isn’t going anywhere. We’ll be back with more discussions and reviews of movies, TV, comics and more real soon. But seriously, if you like this nonsense, you’ll probably dig The Deceptionists too.

For more information, visit thedeceptionists.org or search for “The Deceptionists” in iTunes (just give us a few days to get all patted-down and deloused by the iTunes inspection committee.)

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Rod Serling on Writing for Television

September 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I was delighted to receive the first season of The Twilight Zone on blu-ray. The set isn’t technically out until Tuesday, but you won’t hear any complaints from me. The series has never looked or sounded better, and I’m flailing around like Kermit backstage at the Muppet Show with the prospect of all these process junky extras. Dozens of commentaries from actors and experts. Radio plays. Isolated scores. And most exciting of all, audio of Rod Serling himself lecturing at Sherman Oaks college, reconstituted as commentary tracks over some of the episodes.

I’m watching “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” right now, just one of the quintessential episodes from this season. I remember my introduction to this story, not as a Twilight Zone episode, but as a play collected in one of my elementary school English treasuries. I don’t remember what year we read the play, but I seem to remember we were still on the first floor of the building. That places it somewhere between the first and fourth grade. It’s a story that’s stuck with me, and I’ll probably always count it as an influence on my own writing. “Maple Streets” is one of my favorite examples of science fiction parable, genre writing for the purpose of exploring the human condition. It’s a story about paranoia, prejudice, and fear, and it accomplishes so much in the space of a half hour. It’s but one example of Serling’s forward thinking genius.

In raving about this set and of Serling himself on Twitter, my friend Dan Hill directed me to some videos. Collected here are 16 clips of Rod Serling discussing the subject of television writing with some exceptionally lucky young students. This, for me, is either the very definition of Heaven or pornography at its purest. Take it over, Mr. S.

15 more clips after the jump.

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