ft podcast episode: alien resurrection

May 28, 2012 § 1 Comment

Paul and Dave learn that cloning isn’t an exact science in 1997’s ALIEN RESURRECTION.

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“Slow Baby”
Black Dub

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  • This movie is kind of a lopsided, limping creature…but there are some great bits and bobs that can be sliced off. I’d have to agree that I didn’t find the aliens very frightening in this movie (except maybe in the underwater scene, when the female merc is dragged off with a bubble-muffled scream).

    The horror for me is that laboratory scene with the other seven attempts to clone Ripley. It comes back to seeing the aftermath of something–seeing these horrid things in their jars (like pickled punks at a carnival) and having to imagine what they were like (the sounds they made) when they were first birthed and animate. Shivers.

    Another part of my brain wanted to just write this movie as a musical, and this would be the scene where they all jump out of their jars, dance in a chorus line, and sing, “WE ARE THE SEVEN NOT-QUITE-RIPLEYS!”

    Jazz hands!!!

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