ft podcast episode: aliens (with an s)

May 13, 2012 § 6 Comments

Happy Mothers’ Day, marines! Paul and Dave continue their examination of xenomorph culture with James Cameron’s ALIENS, the mother of all sci-fi blockbusters!

Listen to this episode.

“The Becoming”
Nine Inch Nails

For more information on Sparrow & Crowe: The Demoniac of Los Angeles #1 by David Accampo, Jeremy Rogers and Jared Souza, head over to the official website. Pre-order your copy this week!

Follow along with us by reading some unused drafts for Alien 3.

Next week, Alien 3!


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§ 6 Responses to ft podcast episode: aliens (with an s)

  • rottenjorge says:

    I was surprised you guys didn’t mention how they told her in the beginning of the movie they told her you owe us money for destroying the ship and cargo when she got questioned

  • ScottB says:

    I don’t really have time to pour over the scripts for Alien 3, but can I just go what’s on the Wikipeedia page?

    • fuzzytypewriter says:

      Haha, absolutely. We just linked to them in case you wanted to read along. We’ll recount the best bits on the show.

  • I saw Aliens when I was very young. My dad loves this movie, I was the oldest sibling, and I think he just couldn’t wait to sit down with his son to watch it. Chest-bursters are forever etched in my childhood horror pantheon. Ripley is the dark sci-fi hero for which all others are weighed. I can probably recite most of this movie.

    I just recently saw the extended cut. The additional scene I didn’t like was the quick glimpse of the terraforming colony and Newt’s family. I think it’s much better if the first glimpse we get of this place is through the eyes of the marines–seeing the broken aftermath and imagining that this was once a place with families.

    Newt herself makes a wonderful aftermath scar–seeing this feral kid and her plastic doll head, and imagining she was once a normal girl. Seeing the aftermath is much more haunting. This franchise is always good with showing us the very edges of an assumed civilization of people, the dark little corners where mostly we just see a cold company, horrific aliens, and the poor souls trapped between.

    Storytelling-wise, I don’t think the emotional gain we get from seeing these people happy and normal (before being wiped out) was substantial enough to make up for some of the loss of that haunting aftermath effect.

    Also, while I like Newt’s scream for it’s naturalness (I think the actress that played her did a phenomenal job in the movie), a little of that shriek goes a long way, and I don’t need the extra scene with it.

    For me, the ultimate cut of this movie would be to include scenes like the bit with Ripley’s daughter (better setting up all the great motherhood stuff) and the automated turrets (which are as great a suspense engine as the motion trackers), and leave out the terraformers.

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