peace in rest, steve jobs

October 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Fuzzy Typewriter–as with any one in an impossible array of concepts, products, even careers–would not exist without Steve Jobs. This means of communicating thoughts on story, our sharing a commute or an otherwise anxious waiting period in a dentist’s office, could never have taken this form. It’s impossible to even speculate how different daily life, let alone culture and communication and commerce might function in a world sans Steve. There’d be the internet and microphones and maybe even crappy Rio players, but it wouldn’t be this. And so I want to proffer a thanks to an unparalleled innovator and a man who facilitated the telling and sharing of stories. Thank you for selling untold cows for the magic beans that sprouted Pixar. Thank you for that faith. Thank you for stoking the Tesla fires, not merely inspiring but demanding invention and progress, pioneering new frontiers for the making of so many wonderful things. You not only supplied the tools, but opened up a vast garage as studio space. Thanks for making us think. Thanks for the fun too, the One More Things and the showmanship and the joy of a chart. Thanks for the show. Thanks for the music. Thanks for pulling the future off the highest shelf in the closet and letting us peek at it like some kind of Prometheus in a turtleneck. I’ll never stop missing those keynotes and we’ll never stopping benefitting from these strides. Technology is one thing. This was magic.


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  • m.i.milliman says:

    well said Paul. i work and play with an Apple in some form every day and its funny to think about it because i don’t consider myself a tech junkie but i’m writing this on my MacBook. if i get a call, its on my iphone. if i’m listening to music, it’s off my ipod. i even have an ipad and its wonderful and it serves no practical function in my life as of yet (although i did write a short story on it based on the writing prompt over at the Deceptionists podcast.) modern life is both simpler and more complex thanks to Steve Jobs and neither one is such a bad thing. and more often than not its a great thing.

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