ft podcast: dc comics 52 pick-up – week zero

September 4, 2011 § 7 Comments

DC Comics in unleashing 52 new #1 issues in the month of September and we’re podcast all of ’em!

To start things off, Paul and Dave discuss Flashpoint #5, the lead-in to the new status quo. Then Dave’s son Jack checks in with the six grader’s perspective on Justice League #1. To wrap things up, the guys discuss their top ten books to watch in the relaunch.

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§ 7 Responses to ft podcast: dc comics 52 pick-up – week zero

  • BF says:

    Great podcast, guys.

    One thing to remember about the sales figures is that all of these #1 issues were solicited to comic shops as being “returnable”. If they go unsold, comic shops can return them and get their money back. Knowing that deal beforehand, LCS’s ordered a LOT more than they normally would have. Let’s hope this works.

  • m.i.milliman says:

    i cant wait to here your breakdown of all 52 #1’s. that’s a lot of #1’s. as a person that doesnt read anything until its traded, i miss out on a lot of DC books. do you guys know if they’re going to make a concerted effort on that side, or will they still only trade the big one’s.

    keep up the good work fellas. btw. i miss the Dr.Who recaps. are you going to continue with them. with 52 books to review i can understand if time is tight.

  • NunoXEI says:

    Guys! Totally awesome podcast! I’m in for any future goods from you two. What got me fully onboard here is that you guys put an actual YOUNG reader to share his thoughts–BRILLIANT! What I’m actually getting fairly tired of is adult comic fans/bloggers “barfing” their opinions about what’s “wrong” with the DC reboot.

    It’s off-putting for me as a guy who has loved following comic blogs (and not necessarily a single issue reader, or even a Big 2 devotee) to continuously read about grown men sob stories and pouting.

    These are comics. They’re entertainment. This is all meant to move with the times, not stay stagnant. Cartoon and movie re-envisioning do this all the time. Those that tend to do well have something in common: Their modernized. So, what always surprises me is when I hear what YOUNG people actually like and are into, it’s almost always contradictory to what older readers (cough–comic web fanboys–cough) are flaming the internet with negative feedback about.

    Sometimes the line between constructive criticism and review gets mangled as impulsive narrow-focused opinion… it makes me start to shun ALL comic blogging. The New 52 reboot has almost single-handedly made me what to boycot all comic blogging… and that’d be unfortunate because the contributors on iFanboy are generally quite entertaining and insightful.

    And… wow, didn’t mean to mini-rant. Keep up the great work guys, you just gave me my entertainment for the night!

    • fuzzytypewriter says:

      Totally understand where you’re coming from. Stick with iFanboy though because my fellow staffers are all really enthusiastic about the reboot. Really glad you’re digging the show!

  • NunoXEI says:

    iFanboy is what got me excited about comics again back in 2004… 2005?! Early on when I got crazy into podcast listening :). I went on a stint of buying singles again, but alas, I’m a trade guy and that got me back. I’ve always enjoyed the articles by the three headers and all the supporting staff. Your 52 Pickup reviews are great and almost tempting me to go back to singles–it’s a challenge in patience, my friend.

    (ep1 just ended and just when I thought that Backstreet Boys song was out of me head…)

  • NunoXEI says:

    Haha, thanks for making me look up Backstreet to see why I got it confused… now it’s in my head again…

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